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Legal Compliance Manager



  • Provide pragmatic support on litigation, regulatory, Government affairs, compliance of the Company.
  • Developing and implementing an effective legal compliance program in the Group & ensuring compliance among others
  • Ensure Group operations and business transactions follow all relevant legal and internal rules. Also, set plans to manage a crisis or compliance violation.
  • Experienced in Disputes Resolution, significant knowledge, and work experience in assisting on employment & commercial litigations.
  • Become a trusted advisor, who gives innovative and strategic legal advice to the Group.
  • Lead/drive the implementation of compliance, legal automation, good business process and ethical practices and other systems within the group and Develop legal strategies and processes for litigations, regulatory affairs and otherwise.
  • Build and maintain a positive relationship with internal clients who become involved in litigation and other disputes.
  • Must have excellent interpersonal, communication, organizational, leadership, mentoring, and writing skills.
  • Conduct or support internal/external audits and investigations, prepare audit reports, corrective action plans, and appropriate MIS as required.
  • Develop and implement initiatives for reducing outside counsel spend.
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned by management.
  • Draft and revise company policies
  • Overlooking the legal compliances by country, company as well as the business unit and coordinate with the external institutions and counsels as and when required.
  • Develop and manage structured formats in reviewing, approving, and managing all legal documents, modify and update the existing contracts.
  • Take proactive actions and preventive measures manage potential legal liability for the group, company, and business units.
  • Align preventive legal measures by considering the organization structure via Operational Business Vertical by country, company, and business unit.
  • Provide trainings to the company staff to minimize the potential legal liability and strive on developing the skills and competencies of self and of the team members.


Position Requirements:

  • Law Graduate from a premium college/Law school.
  • Must be a go-getter with excellent organizational skills and ability to manage multiple projects/ litigations at once, follow through and meet deadlines.
  • Common sense, great judgment, and a good sense of humor
  • Strong business acumen & analytical skills.
  • Good communication skills and proficient in English as well as local language
  • Integrity and professional ethics
  • Teamwork & Attention to detail
  • Proficient in MS word, Excel & Power Point

1. Why did you choose to apply for this job?
2. How do you imagine a typical day at work?
3. Imagine that you discovered an executive violating the company’s code of conduct. What would you do?
4. Describe the most difficult compliance or ethics issue you’ve faced. How did you resolve it?
5. How would you protect people who confide in you, reporting a serious issue?
6. What software/Process /project management Tools have you used to perform your duties in the past?
7. What part of your experience do you believe best prepares you to work in an environment that is all about continuous improvement, automation, and efficient monitoring through electronic update of information in REAL TIME – to ensure success?
8. Delegating Tasks to others: a. How do you go about delegating Tasks to others? b. What methods, processed or practices would you implement or would YOU practice before and after delegation c. What are the primary REASONS you believe – you should DELEGATE?
9. List examples of HOW your role impacted your organization's strategic planning in the last 2 companies you served.
10. What is the starting monthly salary and remuneration package that you EXPECT if you were offered this position?
11. What would be the notice period that you require if you were offered this position ?

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